Author reports on the war in the Clinton White House between Al Gore and Hillary

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Promised real power as Bill Clinton's vice president, Al Gore found he had a rival for that role: the First Lady. And when Hillary decided to run for the Senate, a tense competition got ugly. In an excerpt from her new book about the Clinton White House years, [Sally Bedell Smith] reveals how conflicting agendas—the triangle of a scandal-ridden lame-duck president, the wife he'd betrayed, and his designated successor—sapped Gore's 2000 campaign as the bond between two couples dissolved into distrust, anger, and resentment.

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Vernon Clayson - 10/17/2007

There could never have been a "bond" between the Clintons and Gore. Hillary used Bill and Al as rubes, mere tools to gain her ends. Gore had no chance, he was completely taken in by a far more worldly wise user of people and politics, Bill was wise to her motives but didn't care, he was having fun with women throwing themselves at him and people dancing to his tune. Hillary was never betrayed in the sense that moral persons consider betrayal. She, for all practical purposes, was a willing accessory because her appearing to be a victim was to her advantage.