Demjanjuk's deportation case hits 30-year mark

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fter a 30-year international court fight to stay in the U.S., John Demjanjuk, accused of concealing a past as a Nazi concentration-camp guard, could be out of options if a lone pending ruling goes against him, his attorney said.
"If we lose it, we're sort of at the end of the road, and the Justice Department is going to try and deport him. That's my guess," said John Broadley, Demjanjuk's attorney in Washington.

The Justice Department first brought charges seeking to revoke Demjanjuk's citizenship and deport him on Aug. 25, 1977. He is now 87.

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Randll Reese Besch - 9/5/2007

Where is Buchanan now for Demjanjuk? Certainly ten years ago he got flak for supporting him claiming that the case against Demjanjuk wasn't made and until it is made should stay here.