Did Libya try to kill Reagan?

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Muammar Kaddafi has become something of a poster child in the administration's fight against terror. But back in 1981, he was said to be behind a hit squad bound for Washington, Ronald Reagan recalls in his newly published diaries. Just how serious was the Libyan threat?...

A former Reagan administration official, who asked for anonymity when talking about details that may still be sensitive, told NEWSWEEK that intelligence reporting at the time suggested a complex plot. The Libyans' alleged plan was to infiltrate a team of assassins into the United States from either Canada or Mexico, the former official said. Once in the U.S., the hit men were supposed to link up with Libyan students already inside the country. These students would help the men stage the murder, then help them flee. The intercepted information was not clear as to whether Reagan or one of his top aides were intended to be the principal target.

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