Birthplace of Silicon Valley is now boarded-up fruit stand

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One of Silicon Valley's most hallowed landmarks has been abandoned since the fall, leaving many of the region's historians concerned that a crucial piece of technology history is being lost.

The site in question, at 391 San Antonio Road in Mountain View, was once the home of Shockley Labs, Silicon Valley's first semiconductor company and arguably the site of the multibillion-dollar industry's birth.

The site is now the home of a boarded-up fruit stand awaiting renovation -- this time as a grocery store. Sitting forlornly out front is a street sign that identifies the "first silicon device and research manufacturing company in Silicon Valley."

"These kinds of (situations) are always heartbreaking," said Karen Tucker, vice president of the Computer History Museum, located a few miles away. "Of course we would love to see the place preserved, but it could be a really big job."

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