South Korea to build No Gun Ri massacre memorial

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SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korea said Thursday it would build a park in memory of victims of the U.S. Army's mass killing of South Korean refugees at the village of No Gun Ri.

The park will be built at the scene of the 1950 attack during the Korean War, said Choi Jeong-pil, an official with a government commission on the shootings...

The No Gun Ri killings were documented in a Pulitzer Prize-winning story by The Associated Press in 1999, which prompted a 16-month Pentagon inquiry.

The Pentagon concluded in 2001 that the No Gun Ri shootings were "an unfortunate tragedy" -- "not a deliberate killing."...

Estimates vary on the number of dead at No Gun Ri, 100 miles southeast of Seoul. U.S. soldiers' estimates ranged from under 100 to "hundreds" dead. Korean survivors say about 400, mostly women and children, were killed. Hundreds more refugees were killed in later, similar episodes, survivors say.

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