France's Louvre Museum Joined the "History-Distortion Business Club"

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The curator of the National Museum of Iran (NMI) said in a news conference that the distortion of the name of the Persian Gulf in the Louvre's catalogue is the result of the Arab financial influence in Europe. "The distortion of the Persian Gulf's name in the Louvre's catalogue is not something new. It has occurred due to the Arabs' economic influence over the museum during the 1990s," said Mohammad-Reza Kargar reported by CHN.

Kargar noted that French archeologists became pioneers of excavations in Iran after reaching an agreement with the Qajar dynasty (1787-1921 AD). However, after the 1979 revolution in Iran, they began working in Iran's neighboring countries, particularly newly formed Arab states, which provided appropriate financial opportunities, he added.

The money the Arabs spent to pay the archeological mercenaries created some expectations, one of them being the alteration of the name of the Persian Gulf, he explained.

"Most important research centers in the heart of Paris are run by France and Saudi Arabia. Several months ago, Paris played host to an exhibition of Arab civilization, which was opened by Jacques Chirac and King Abdullah of Jordan," he explained. Contradictory but not so surprisingly despite the fact that the exhibition was called "Arab civilization", majority of artifacts on show were Persian.

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Richard Andrew Kane - 12/21/2006

When I lived in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s newspapers and maps always referred to the Persian Guld as Arabian Gulf. But the maps showed the area south of Lebanon as Palestine. Occasionally there was a hint of a Zionist entity somewhere nearby but the name Israel never appeared.

During the first Gulf War coallition forces were hosted in Saudi Arabia until Kuwait was freed. All the TV coverage had TV commentators including the US Military officers speaking only of the Persian Gulf, and that is the name on their maps. The Saudis continually protested that it was Arabian Gulf and it people could not learn that they should leave Saudi immediately. They never did.
Discussion of any political matter in the Middle East is like science fiction: it requires a suspension of reality to use the right code words.

All of this would be just funny if the strident Iranian article did not allude to the territory of the Gulf states as being Persian (i.e.Iranian) soil. Is the present Iranian regime teaching the young that they rightfully claim land now occupied by other states? This would be the seed of a future war....or perhaps a later stage of the war Bush 43 has ignited.
Richard Kane