Like Vietnam? In One Way, Yes

Roundup: Media's Take

William Pfaff, writing in the IHT (Jan 3, 2004):

It is true that some critics have warned of a 'new Vietnam,' but they nearly always do so in terms that suggest only that the eventual victory will be more costly than the Bush government expected. The Vietnam analogy is wrong in military terms… The relevant analogy of Vietnam with Iraq is political. The Bush administration's ambition in Iraq is identical to that of the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations in Vietnam. It is to find or shape a plausible national movement that will turn the country into a strategic American ally….

If a secure and at least nominally sovereign Iraqi government exists a year from today, alongside American bases in that country, the United States will have won the Iraq war. The odds are low that there will be such a government. The possibility that the United States might lose the Iraq war has yet to be seriously discussed at the level of national politics and policy.

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Howard N Meyer - 1/17/2004

A likeness, Vietnam invasion and Iraq attack,
that is highly relevant, -- and almost always forgotten:
In BOTH wars the United States was in violatio of the Law of Nationa a//k/a International Law