Indian? Skulls found in home in Illinois

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BLOOMINGTON -- A new home owner in Bloomington was shocked to find over the weekend her home had 30 skulls in the attic.

Kathleen Hollonbeck of Rochelle, Illinois bought the Bloomington home in November.

She was cleaning out her attic over the weekend when she made the discovery.

Police saod the previous owner was a dentist who collected Native American artifacts.

The discovery was made at this home at the 500 block of Florence Avenue.

Some of the skulls have "Lake Anderson Mounds - 1933" written on them.

That is an Indian burial ground about 10 miles south of Havana.

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Jonathan Dresner - 6/10/2006

Thanks for the correction.

Roger D. Bridges - 6/10/2006

Actually, the above-mentioned skulls and bones have been found in Bloomington, Illinois. The Bloomington Pantagraph has carried several stories on the find in the past few days.