CU Professor Ward Churchill Hit With Another Allegation

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Embattled University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill has been hit with another allegation of research misconduct.

A University of Minnesota faculty member said Churchill used one of her photos in a publication without permission. She added that the caption he wrote for it exaggerated the facts.

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Vernon Clayson - 5/29/2006

Enough has been written and said about Ward Churchill and Colorado U. He has gone from being a mildy infamous fraud and plagiarist to a media icon and Colorado U. is the worse for it, we should forget him and the inept Colorado University administraiton and the American Indian groups that adopted him over all their misgivings. Watch for his next book, 'An Anglo Living As An American Indian Among Overly Gratuitous Liberals Who Desperately Wished Him To Be As Self-Advertised.' A subtitle could be 'I Fooled The Man And They Loved Me For It.'