Columnist Claims African-Americans Should Be Grateful Their Ancestors Were Enslaved

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A Seattle-area columnist has drawn the fire of more than a thousand complaining readers upset with her suggestion that African-Americans should be grateful their ancestors were enslaved and brought to America.

The column, by Adele Ferguson, was published in the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal (KPBJ) on March 13, 2006. In the article Ferguson argued that black Americans should abandon the Democratic Party, claimingf it doesn't have their true interests at heart.

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John J Capozucca - 3/21/2006

I suggest everyone read Adele Ferguson's article with an open mind. Then decide for yourself whether "in the sixth year of the 21st century" free thought and expression should be censored or banned from the American media.

It's not a surprise that Ms. Ferguson's insightful and daring article describing the inarguable fact that the Democrats and teachers unions are "keeping your [black] children down too long already," has been spun by the politically correct elites into an article by "the columnist who thinks African-Americans should be grateful their ancestors were enslaved." Quite a metamorphosis. Just read the article compared with Andrew Bernstein's selected quotes.

Ms. Ferguson also hit the nail on the head when she pointed out that Coretta Scott King's funeral was not the time or place for America's black "leaders" (and Carter and Clinton) to bash President Bush.

Ms. Ferguson's thought-provoking and politically incorrect content coupled with her mention of God, practically ensured a public lynching by the PC elites.

God bless you Ms. Ferguson for your free thinking and courage! Thanks for reaching out to fellow Americans of color without the usual PC correct "great white father" hogwash.

I hope others appreciate it as much as I do.