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Teacher strikes can’t fix the core problems with our schools

by Diana D'Amico

The forces that once led to the growth of suburban schools have led to the decay of their urban counterparts.


Kruse and Zelizer: It's 'Network' nation: How our media became overrun by polarization, outrage and attitude

by Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer

How the news has become sensationalized.



What We Can Still Learn From American History's First Special Prosecutor

by Andrew Coan

The Mueller investigation grew out of a rich, complicated and not always edifying history that even most legal scholars and historians have largely forgotten.



Here’s How Democratic Presidential Contenders Should (Not) Talk About Russia

by David S. Fogleson

Candidates gearing up for 2020 may be blazing new trails on domestic issues, but when it comes to engagement with Russia, they haven’t moved beyond the counterproductive status quo.



Math And Science Can't Take Priority Over History And Civics

by Natalie Wexler

In our rush to prioritize STEM subjects, we’re overlooking other fields that are even more important.



Trump’s Trade Policy Threatens US Consumer as Much as China

by Paul Ropp

Trump’s China policy ignores the complete interdependence of the US and Chinese economies.



Angela Davis and the Jewish Civil War

by Marc H. Ellis

The Black-Jewish alliance, at least what’s left of it, faces a common challenge of how memorialization works and for whom.



The Radical Tradition of Student Protest

by Mike Jirik

The student protests against anti-black racism at UNC Chapel Hill are part of a long history of student protest against racism that includes individuals like John Brown Russwurm.



Why Study History?

by Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt

To answer that question, Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt tells a pedagogical story in two parts.



Why Americans trust technology but not science

by Joyce Chaplin

Benjamin Franklin understood that the two go hand-in-hand.



State of the Union: What would Jefferson do?

by Karen Tumulty

Pelosi's proposal was not as radical as it might sound.





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