History Lost In Katrina's Wake

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, most have naturally focused on the human cost — the many lives, homes and jobs lost to the storm. But CBS News reports that Katrina also destroyed a lot of historical treasures, especially along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

In the mountains of debris piling up in Mississippi are some of this state's greatest treasures — literally consigned to the ash heap of history.

All along the Gulf Coast, mansion after glorious mansion lies in ruins — like one home that predates the Civil War. All that's left is the palm tree.

Another antebellum gem sits beneath a casino barge.

"The storm was truly a monster. It just ripped off the front porch and scattered it," says Patrick Hotard, the director of Beauvoir, a museum that was the last home of Confederate president Jefferson Davis.

Beauvoir survived the Civil War, but lost the battle of Katrina.

"And I was — just literally my mouth was just hanging open, 'cause I just couldn't believe it," Hotard says.

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