Olympics Terrorism Planner Snipes at Spielberg

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The Palestinian who masterminded the raid on the 1972 Munich Olympics has complained that the director Steven Spielberg did not seek his expertise in making his new film about the events that led to the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes and the Israeli revenge assassinations that followed, Reuters reported. The planner, Mohammad Daoud, speaking by telephone from an undisclosed location in the Middle East, told Reuters: "If someone really wanted to tell the truth about what happened, he should talk to the people involved, people who know the truth. Were I contacted, I would tell the truth."

Reuters said that an unidentified Israeli actress in the cast of the film, "Munich," scheduled for release on Dec. 23, has said it is based at least in part on a widely discredited book, "Vengeance," about the reprisals. Zvi Zamir, the retired chief of Mossad, Israel's spy agency, said in July that he was surprised Mr. Spielberg had relied on the book.

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