Historian: Romney speech ‘cleared the bar,’ but barely

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A concession speech is the last thing any presidential candidate wants to make, the last thing to prepare for, the last thing in a winner-focused society that he or she wants to be remembered by. Mitt Romney ”cleared the bar” with a short speech in Boston early Wednesday but it won’t be one of the most memorable concessions, said historian and political analyst Scott Farris. Farris, author of “Almost President: The Men Who Lost The Race But Changed The Nation,’‘ breaks down a solid concession speech into several elements.

“The first part is the concession. Usually, this entails something along the lines of, as John McCain said, ‘the American people of have spoken, and they have spoken clearly.’ Wendell Willkie had a nice turn of phrase when he said, ‘People of America, I accept the results of the election with complete good will.’...

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