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Hill of Tara What is it? The Hill of Tara, near Navan, Co Meath, is a limestone ridge that holds a wealth of historic detail in its mounds and earthworks.

It was the seat of the high kings of Ireland, making it the most important centre of political and religious power in pre-Christian Ireland. Here the five roads of ancient Ireland converged; from the top you can understand its strategic position better, as you can see up to 12 counties.

Why visit? If you don’t like the parades on St Patrick’s Day, it’s the perfect place to go for a sense of history, fresh air and open space. The most important thing to take with you (apart from warm and waterproof clothing) is an interest in how people lived thousands of years ago. Thirty monuments are visible on the hill itself, with more than 100 others underground. The most significant ones include the 5,000-year-old passage tomb called the Mound of the Hostages, which was a burial ground and pagan sanctuary for 1,500 years. The Fort of the Kings, or Royal Enclosure, is an Iron Age hill fort where enthronements and other ceremonies took place. The Hill of Tara was also the location for Daniel O’Connell’s last Monster Meeting, in 1843, at which he campaigned for home rule and repeal of the Act of Union....

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