Report from Donny George About the Iraq Museum

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The reconstruction work in the Iraq museum is continuing, the last phase of the security project is going on now, surveillance cameras outside the museum are being installed, motion detectors inside all the halls and electronic switches are all over, the control room is almost finished.

This was after the earlier phases of good strong fences and gates, redoing roofs, and iron bars for all the windows of the museum. More work will be done very soon, that includes repainting all the museum halls, building lifts for disabled people, new lighting systems for the old parts of the museum that were built in 1960, and more. While all this is happening, in the morning of Tuesday Aug. 16, 2005, at about five o'clock in the morning, gun clashes started on the street beside the museum, at 5.15 that morning a helicopter gunship came in, and opened fire into that street, not speaking about the number of the casualties which was on the news, the museum western walls and the outer wall received a good number of shots and a water pipe was blown up, and also some small bits of bodies were inside the museum gardens."
"I think it was reported that it happened in Street # 6 in the Alawi area, by Al-Arabia station, as I heard, no one mentioned the museum ...

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