Son honors dad by rebuilding WWII bombers

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Don Price's passion for military airplanes flows through his veins, passed down from his father's stories of piloting Boeing B-17s in World War II.

These days, Price restores those planes and, in doing so, rekindles a connection with his father. Restoration is a complicated and expensive process -- Price worked on one plane for five years -- but he says the payoff is worth it. 

So when he learned a restored B-17 known as the Liberty Belle was consumed by fire after making an emergency landing in an Illinois cornfield Monday, Price felt as though he had lost a family member.

The seven people aboard the Belle escaped with minor injuries but the plane, which cost more than $3 million to restore, was reduced to a charred shell as firefighters struggled to put out the fire.

The passengers aboard were all members of the Liberty Foundation, which owned the plane. The Belle toured the country offering paid flights to World War II veterans and aviation enthusiasts.... 

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