Huckabee establishes for-profit website to promote teaching history to kids

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Friends, I have always believed that history is to a culture what memory is to an individual. Without some sense of who we were, we’re incapable of knowing who we are and who we will become. And without an appreciation of our nation’s epic journey, our children cannot understand the real America and lead the nation into the future.   

That’s why I’ve co-founded a new and exciting company called Learn Our History. Our mission is simple - to help the younger generations learn and appreciate history for what it is - a compass for our future.

Sure, kids learn about history in school, but between their “boring” textbooks and lectures, kids today are simply not excited by the incredible stories and lessons of our past. What’s worse, some teachers and education boards are using history and social studies classes as their soap box to promote their own political opinions and biases! And to me, that’s simply unacceptable.

Learn Our History provides kids a fun way to learn the facts behind the most influential people and events of our nation’s past. The company’s very first product is a video series called “Learn Our History: Time Travel Academy”.

Using animated videos that kids love, the series tells the tales of the Time Travel Academy, a group of friends who create an incredible time machine that takes them back in time to relive history in the making. When your kids or grandkids see our videos, you’ll be amazed at how they’ll become enthralled with the stories and gain an immediate appreciation for American history.

I invite you to share this amazing new series with your family. I’ve arranged for everyone to receive a 30-day risk-free trial of our first video in the series, The Reagan Revolution, along with a very special collection of free gifts.

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