Israel remembers Nazi war trial of Adolf Eichmann

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JERUSALEM, Israel (CNN) -- Israel is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Here is some history surrounding the trial and gets reactions to the trial and the anniversary.

Gabriel Bach was a young Israeli prosecutor charged with the case of a lifetime. He says, "I'll never forget the first moment of that trail, when these judges came into the court room with the Israeli emblem behind them and that man whose only object in life had became to destroy that people, when he stood up to attention."

The man, Adolf Eichman, on trial in Jerusalem for the genocide of some 6,000,000 million Jews

Mickey Goldman was there too. He was one of the police investigators who helped build the case against the notorious Nazi and he was also one of the victims, bearing the tattooed scar of his time in the Auschwitz death camp....

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