UT Austin launches new website "Not Even Past"

Historians in the News

The History Department at UT Austin is launching an informative, interactive history web site today, January 10. Not Even Past provides current historical writing to a popular audience. For history buffs who want reading recommendations and short, interesting, digestible stories every day, the website offers a meaningful, dynamic, and ongoing conversation about History in the form of text, audio, and video histories on subjects that span the globe. The site is designed for anyone who is interested in history, from an avid reader of history to a history film aficionado.

The content and"picks" are written by the department's 60-person faculty with additional input from the graduate students.
Notevenpast.org is rich with book and film recommendations, video interviews, podcasts, online commentary, and even virtual classes
(free) every semester. You can learn from exceptional faculty and dialog with other history aficionados and Texas Exes, enrolled globally.

The History Department’s new site is a unique, one-of-a-kind resource.
Not Even Past will be identified with the individuals in the History Department at UT, giving readers a personalized experience of great history writing as well as promoting the strengths of the department and the University of Texas. Not Even Past also differs from other History department sites in its stylish visual design and its cutting-edge user-friendly functionality....

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