Katie Holmes in recreation of day John F Kennedy assassinated

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Katie Holmes helped recreate an eerily realistic snapshot of the day John F Kennedy was assassinated as she filmed part of her role as the former US president’s wife in a new miniseries.

The actress, who is playing Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys, looked uncannily like the former First Lady as she sat next to Greg Kinnear, who also bore a startling resemblance to his character as he portrayed the former president.

The pair were recreating events leading up to the moment when Kennedy was shot dead while he and his wife were riding in a presidential motorcade in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd 1963.

Holmes wore a replica of the famous candy-pink suit and pillbox hat worn by Mrs Kennedy on the day of the assassination, and the actors rode in a convertible limousine like that in which the Kennedys were travelling when the shooting took place....

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