Indiana University historians says that Isaac Newton doubled as an alchemist

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If you think Isaac Newton spent most of his time under an apple tree contemplating gravity, an Indiana University professor wants you to think again.

History and philosophy of science professor William Newman says Newton had a secret life as a scholar of alchemy, the 17th century pursuit of an elixir of life and turning metals into gold....

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Rodney McCaslin - 6/16/2010

Isaac Newton, and many other 17th century members of the Royal Society were interested in alchemy. On the surface, hardly cutting edge scholarship coming out of Indiana University. Hard to tell,though, since the link to the South Bend Tribune connects to the Detroit News and an op-ed on family values.
Oh, and Newton also studied the Bible and calculated the date of the apocalypse-2060- too. My goodness, its so surprising to find out that Newton, like every other human being, was a man of his time.