Experts agree painting is likely self-portrait by da Vinci

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The portrait of a middle-aged man — an oil-on-wood painting once used as a serving tray — is likely the image of Leonardo da Vinci done by the master himself, says a panel of experts that includes a Calgary art historian.

A dozen of scientists and David Bershad, an art history professor at St. Mary's University College, agree. The image of a man with blue eyes, long greying hair and a moustache appears to be a self-portrait of the renowned Renaissance artist, inventor and thinker.

Coming to that conclusion brought together da Vinci's own passions for art and science as experts used fingerprint analysis, carbon dating and even facial reconstruction software to answer three key questions:

- Does the painting date from the right time period?

- Is it a portrait of da Vinci?

- And, was it painted by the master himself?

"I believe it's a Leonardo," Bershad said Tuesday, the day after returning from Italy, where he was able to look at the portrait in person. "It's exciting to come to that conclusion."...

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