Richard Nixon's grandson seeks office

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Richard Nixon's grandson is entering politics as he runs for the Republican nomination in a New York congress seat.

Christopher Nixon Cox is seeking the Republican nomination to run against four-term Democratic US Rep. Tim Bishop in eastern Long Island - a seat Republicans hope to win as part of the party's effort to recapture the House of Representatives.

In his first extensive interview since announcing his candidacy, Mr Cox said that while he is aware of his grandfather's controversial place in history, it has not yet posed a problem for him on the campaign trail.

Cox is the only son of Nixon's oldest daughter, Tricia, who married Edward Finch Cox in a White House ceremony in 1971. The elder Cox now chairs the New York State Republican Party.

Chris Cox was born in 1979, five years after Nixon resigned in disgrace over the scandal in which White House was implicated in trying to cover up the Nixon campaign committee's role in a break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C.

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