Ziegler’s Grove is next on NPS’ restoration list

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In his first public meeting as superintendent of Gettysburg National Military Park, Bob Kirby announced Thursday night that the Ziegler’s Grove restoration project is scheduled to commence this month.

He also noted that attorneys for the National Park Service and the Dept. of Justice are “reviewing options” in the legal battle over the old Cyclorama Center.

A federal judge ruled two weeks ago that the park must reconsider its Cyclorama building demolition plans and include alternatives, which are federally-mandated but were skipped in the park’s original landscape rehab proposal of 1999.

“There is a lot of curiosity about what’s happening with the Cyclorama,” Kirby said Thursday during the park’s Advisory Commission session....

Situated between Taneytown Road and Steinwehr Avenue, the 45-acre site was the scene of Pickett’s Charge, although it later became home to parking lots, as well as the old Visitor Center and Cyclorama buildings. The park razed the old Visitor Center last year, and intends to remove one parking lot around the third or fourth week of April, as it aims to convert the land to its Civil War era appearance of 1863....

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