Vandals Ransack Former Nazi Concentration Camp

Vandals sprayed anti-Semitic graffiti on Holocaust memorials at a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland, desecration that authorities discovered Saturday and are investigating.

Words including "Jude Raus" — German for "Jew Out" — and "Hitler Good!" in English, were found in red paint Saturday on a large monument at the former Plaszow camp near Krakow. A smaller memorial plaque was also painted with a swastika and "Jude Raus."

The vandalism was discovered a day before a planned memorial march marking the 67th anniversary of the liquidation of Krakow's ghetto.

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john richard barker - 3/14/2010

we are to be upset by these individuals' failure to show respect for our WWII mythology. The more important lesson, however, may be that the myth is wearing thin.

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