Russian Investor to Shell out Millions for 'Hitler Limousine'

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Michael Fröhlich, a German dealer in classic cars, has sold John Lennon's Mercedes 600, Marlene Dietrich's Rolls Royce Cabriolet and Charlie Chaplin's Bentley S3 in his time but has just arranged his most unusual deal yet -- a five-tonne armored limousine that, he says, was used by Adolf Hitler.

Fröhlich, 59, told SPIEGEL ONLINE that he managed to trace the vehicle to a collector in northern Germany on behalf of a Russian investor willing to shell out millions of euros for the open-top vehicle, one of several that supposedly ferried the Führer through adoring crowds before and during World War II.

The bluish-black Mercedes 770A Kompressor delivered in 1935 has changed hands a number of times in recent years. It is being sold together with five other vehicles of the same rare model, four of which were owned by top Nazis including Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop. The other one belonged to a former president of Turkey, Ismet Inonu.

The unnamed Russian buyer is purchasing them all for a double-digit million euro sum, Fröhlich said. "I was of two minds about tracking down the car of this shit Hitler. Most of my relatives died in the war and I was saved by the Americans who provided penicillin in the Berlin airlift," he said. "The vehicle disgusts me, I have to say."

The Hitler limousine alone is estimated to be worth between €4 million and €10 million euros ($6-15 million), according to one media report.

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