Obama's DOJ May Appeal Ruling Ordering Release of Cheney's CIA Leak Transcript

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The Obama administration indicated in court papers it may appeal a federal judge's ruling ordering the Justice Department to release portions of the transcribed interview between former Vice President Dick Cheney and Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor appointed to probe the roles Bush administration officials played in the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson six years ago.

Last week, Jeffrey M. Smith, an attorney in the Justice Department's civil division, filed an emergency motion in US District Court in Washington, DC, requesting a 30-day stay of the court's October 1 order that called for the parts of the Cheney interview to be released by October 9.

Smith said the stay, which US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan granted, was needed "in order to allow the Solicitor General [Elena Kagan] sufficient time in which to exercise her statutory authority to determine whether the [Department of Justice] will file an appeal in this action."

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