Historian wants recognition for forgotten hero (Chicago)

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Almost all Chicagoans have heard of the Fort Dearborn Massacre. But very few of us have ever heard of Ensign George Ronan.

Ronan was a hero of that battle in the War of 1812, and now, a Chicago historian wants recognition for that forgotten man.

In this age of political correctness, the Fort Dearborn Massacre is now referred to as the Battle of Fort Dearborn. And at 18th and Prairie along the lakefront, a new historical marker tells the story of how 91 people - soldiers, men, women and children - who were fleeing Fort Dearborn were attacked by 500 Potawatomi Indians. More than half the Americans were killed.

Chicago historian Victorio Giustino has studied the event for years.

"Ensign George Ronan, a West Point graduate of 1811, was killed here in 1812 according to West Point records. He's the first West Pointer killed in action," said Giustino.

And survivors of the battle said Ronan died a hero. He was fatally wounded but fought on trying to protect the others. Giustino said he thinks he should be remembered.

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