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steve allen martin - 6/16/2004

Donna Burack

Recent probation violators.

Michigan dept of corrections

Donna Burack is wanted by the Michigan Department of Corrections for probation violation. Please contact the Oakland county sheriff department or Michigan State Police if spotted.

Roger Jerome Fechner - 3/3/2004

I am currently writing a review of an introduction to a reprint edition of the works of a eighteenth century American philosopher (2003) in which the author of the introduction quotes extensively from his (2001) monograph on the same philosopher without quotation marks and reference notes.
My query is whether or not this is plagiarism? In other words, can an author plagiarize herself or himself? If this is not plagiarism, what is it and what are the ethical implications of such a practice?
I have read extensively on plagiarism without finding an answer to this question. I would appreciate any guidance and references to plagiarism literature on this issue.


Roger Jerome Fechner

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